Election date may be imminent – enrol now!

Word in the Canberra press gallery is that Julia Gillard will go to the Governor-General tomorrow and seek an election date.

The earliest likely date is August 21, with August 28 the next favoured. If August 21 is chosen, the rolls will close at 6pm tomorrow. This has the potential to effectively deny people the chance to have their say in who’ll be running the country by the end of the year.

So …

If you are not enrolled to vote, go do it – today. If you are, check your enrolment details are correct. You can find the link to the Australian Electoral Commission in the sidebar.

Tell your friends.

Make your voice heard.

Make your vote count.


4 Responses to Election date may be imminent – enrol now!

  1. Ben says:

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    According to the ABC it looks like the writs are likely to be delayed to allow eligible voters a little more time to enrol.

    Still, they’re only talking about three or four days at most, which is actually less time than Howard gave after he changed the rules on enrolment time amidst so much controversy a few years ago. I think that if the ALP really cared about this as much as they claimed when it occurred then they would have reversed the rule. I guess they probably think that it will damage the Greens and other minor parties or independent candidates more than themselves.

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    • I think it’s far better to be safe than sorry. There’s no guarantee Gillard will delay the writs – they’d have to decide there was a significant PR gain, and as you say, less time to enrol is potentially more damage to the Greens.

      • Ben says:

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        Of course there would be no guarantees on the writs, but I think it more likely that they would delay. There’s PR value in making a show of fairness and I don’t think there’s the same kind of fervour in the electorate to replace Julia Gillard the way there was to oust John Howard at the last election.

        I think the line about the delay that made it’s way into the news was so that Gillard is willing to stick to a more principled approach. This is something she needs following the leak about her deal with Rudd to the Sphere of Influence (even though it is most likely that Rudd was the source of that leak).

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  2. firewuff says:

    i did update mine right?

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