It’s on

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has called an election for the House of Representatives and half the Senate for August 21.

The electoral rolls will close at 6pm on Monday July 19. New enrolments will close at 8pm.

The choice of date is rather interesting. The last time an election was held on August 21 was in 1943. At that election, Labor’s John Curtin won a landslide victory – the ALP won 49 seats, the Liberal Party 13, the Country Party 11 and 1 seat went to an Independent candidate. It’s tempting to say that Gillard is hoping to garner a bit of luck, and emulate his success.

Now the ‘fun’ starts … stay tuned for policy analyses and campaign issues. If anyone is aware of any local issues that may affect the campaign, please let me know, and I’ll look into it.

Oh, and just in case no one has figured out the ALP slogan yet? In Gillard’s election announcement and press conference, she said the words ‘moving forward’ or ‘move forward’ 24 times in 30 minutes – along with ‘look forward’, ‘step forward’, ‘go forward’ (twice) and ‘take forward’.

I think we get it, PM.


One Response to It’s on

  1. Ben says:

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    A motto like that, of course, implies that we’re falling behind some nebulous thing. It’s an unintended consequence when they’re just trying to show a difference with Tony Abbott, who wishes he was living in some conservative fantasy world.

    It looks like those writs weren’t delayed as long as I had thought, though a little delay might help a few people.

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