Wonkley Award Nominations open

Over at the Notion Factory, nominations are open for the Inaugural Wonkley Awards. What are they? You’ve probably heard of the Walkley Awards, right? Where journalists vote on each other’s work to reward excellence in their profession? Well, in the Wonkleys, the votes are cast by you – bloggers, blog readers, tweeters, political tragics and all-round news and politics wonks.

This is a great idea – and I’m not just saying that because I want a shot at the ‘Best Amateur Political Blog/Blogger, either. 🙂

Seriously,the Wonkleys fill a pretty big gap. It’s one thing to get paid for what you do, and find out how other people in your profession view you. It’s quite another to find out what everyone else out there thinks – and in some ways, I think that can be more rewarding. Speaking as someone who blogs for the love of it (yes, sad, I know), there’s nothing like the great feeling when someone gives you feedback. It lets you know that people are reading – and that people care enough to want you to do a better job, and tell you when you get it right. And the Notion Factory has provided a way for us to do that on a grand scale.

Nominations close Saturday, November 13.

Voting begins Sunday, November 14, and will close on Sunday, December 12.

So go, nominate your favourite political journalist, blogger, TV show, news coverage – there’s a whole slew of categories to choose from – tell the world!


2 Responses to Wonkley Award Nominations open

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