Party of no policy?

Now, you could be forgiven for thinking we’re in the middle of an election campaign. Between lobby groups buying up television advertising, drop-in visits from the Leader of the Opposition to every kind of business from dry cleaners to aluminium plants, and what seems like at least one opinion poll every freakin’ day, it sure seems like it.

There’s no election date called. There’s no election date even on the horizon. But the campaign is in full swing. Given this, I decided to take a look at what policies were out there from the ‘alternative government’.

Let’s see …

Repeal the carbon pricing scheme with all associated rebates, compensation and industry assistance. Presumably this includes the lifting of the tax-free threshold and pensioner allowances.

Repeal the Mining Resources Rent Tax.

Repeal the means test for the 30% private health insurance rebate.

Scrap the NBN. It’s unclear whether that includes ripping out the infrastructure already in place and returning those areas already connected to copper.

Close Trades Training Centres.

Rip up any deals that might be made with Malaysia regarding asylum seekers, discontinue community detention and reinstitute processing on Nauru and Temporary Protection Visas.


But surely there are actual, concrete, positive policies out there? Maybe the media just isn’t reporting them. So I swung by the Liberal Party’s website to take a look. And there they were. Policy documents. Policies on health, energy, transport, the economy … you name it.

But wait.

Every single policy document is from the 2010 election.

None of the mini-essays from the relevant Shadows date from later than 2010.

And the odd piece of writing from this year? Falls into one of two categories: either relentless criticism of Labor; or a promise to repeal, scrap or otherwise abolish nearly every major accomplishment of the government.

If Abbott wants an election so badly – as he claims he does – surely he should start releasing alternative policy? If it’s imperative to stop the government from implementing its policy, or – god forbid – being re-elected, why not show us a better option? Motherhood statements are all very well, but they are no substitute for concrete policy.

It’s really no wonder that the most common parody of the Opposition is that they are the ‘Noalition’.

And lest readers complain that I am unfairly concentrating on the Opposition, I’d like to point out that government policy is under constant scrutiny as legislation comes before the House and the Senate. Those policies can be thoroughly analysed.

It’s very, very hard to examine what amounts to nothing more than the word ‘NO’, repeated ad nauseam.

Perhaps we will get some real policy announcements from the Opposition when the election date is finally announced. But given their track record of refusing to provide policies that have enough detail to be verified?

I’d have to say … no.


7 Responses to Party of no policy?

  1. Iain Hall says:

    should have been “winning plan” at the end of may last comment. 😦

  2. Iain Hall says:

    I really don’t know why you think that the coalition has to reinvent the political wheel before the coming election, must be the leftist mindset that is obsessed with eternal change. All Tony has to do apart from pointing out that he is not Labor is to assure the voters that he will be a “safe pair of hands”.
    The 2010 polices almost won the election for Abbott and now as Labor’s soap opera is tanking why change a willing plan.

    • Le blogeur gai says:

      “Safe pair of hands?”
      “2010 policies?”

      What’s safe about Abbott?

      He is so dishonest that he and his cohorts contrived a lame excuse NOT to submit their policy costings to Treasury under THEIR OWN Charter of Budget Honesty.

      And why? Because they contained an $11 billion black hole.

      To make matters worse, he said they were audited by their “accountants” only for their “accountants” to issue a public statement that they DID NOT audit them.

      So much for honesty!

      Already he has an $11 billion black hole from his 2010 election costings, a $70 billion budget black hole, a $10 billion Direct Action black hole … Add to this the scrapping of the Carbon Tax, the Mining Tax, and this guy has well and truly proven he’s irresponsible and not fit to govern.

      He’s also too much in the pockets of Big Tobacco, Big Mining, Big Gambling and Big Polluters!

      He’s not a PM’s backside!

      • Iain Hall says:

        Fortunately for the nation a clear majority of the voting public do not think about Tony Abbott and his party the way that you do and when you say He’s not a PM’s backside! I have to agree if only because the current resident of the lodge is a total PM’s backside! 😉

  3. Chaos Crafter says:

    As Miss Eagle suggests, I think the idea is to have a policy of “Not what Labor would do”
    Then if they win they can do what they like.

  4. Le blogeur gai says:

    Completely fair comment.

    Australian voters want to know, and have a right to know exactly what the Coalition stands for 365 days per year, not just the 33 days of the election period every 3 years.

    Abbott and the Noalition are simply playing lazy politics, expecting to get into government simply by stating “Vote for us because we are not Labor”.

    Abbott and Co would be far more devastating to this nation than any tax ever could.

  5. Miss Eagle says:

    You’ve put that together nicely. I think there are two ways we can look this policy thing – lack of policy thing.

    1. Abbott & the LibNats aren’t expecting an election for quite a while…in spite of appearances.

    2. Abbott & the LibNats figure there’s only one policy & it doesn’t need costing – it will be a GRJ campaign. Get Rid of Julia. And, should they win, as they believe they will, they will get a great reward from an eternally gratefully nation who won’t expect them to have policies as well.

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