Rudd vs Abbott – People’s Forum no. 3

With nine days to go, it’s wall-to-wall election ads on TV and flyers in every mailbox. But there was time for one more debate between Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Coalition Leader Tony Abbott. Conducted in a ‘town hall’ style at Rooty Hill in Western Sydney, nobody expected anything new. In fact, though, we heard new promises and perhaps new policies.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Coalition Leader Tony Abbott shake hands after the People's Forum

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Coalition Leader Tony Abbott shake hands after the People’s Forum

Live-tweeted with annotations, brought to you via Storify.

2 Responses to Rudd vs Abbott – People’s Forum no. 3

  1. rob pittman says:

    For ordinary Australians I can’t see any use voting Liberal. We would lose our NBN and gain Malcolm’s inferior model. We would lose all improvements to our school system. We would lose out in Disabilitycare Australia as Abbott has said he can’t guarantee Stage 1 funding. A concerted effort at pricing carbon would be non-existent and the alternative energy schemes would be destroyed. The Liberals will strip off the increases to Superannuation and will not support local manufacture of cars so we will lose our car industry and all its’ support mechanisms like suppliers. (thousands of jobs). Our Public Service will be pared back by about twenty thousand and we will face recession such as they have had in most other countries. I could go on with many other danger areas but I would plead with all Australians not to risk losing what we have and to follow blindly Abbott’s plea to trust him. Why should we when he doesn’t trust us. Otherwise his full costings would have been released for us to peruse and they have not.

  2. megpie71 says:

    One question I haven’t seen asked anywhere yet: if the Opposition are planning to roll back all the changes brought in due to the Carbon Price, does that mean they’re going to be putting the tax-free threshold back down to $6800 again? Nobody appears to have thought about that one… but it’s a worthwhile question, since the big *increase* in the tax-free threshold (up to around $18,000) was a major part of the compensation put in place to cover the Carbon Price.

    It’s worth noting: a year’s worth of government benefits comes to around $11,700. So if the tax-free threshold goes back down again, people who are making *less* money than someone who is on unemployment benefit for a year will be expected to pay tax on that income… again.

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